Generating financial simulations with quantum Boltzmann machine

In just 24 hours, the participants of the Bilbao Quantum Computing Hackathon demonstrated the incredible transformative potential that Quantum Computing can have in industries such as the financial sector. Although it is still an emerging technology in the development phase, Quantum Computing is called upon to transform the processes, value chains and business models of all types of organizations. Once the expected quantum advantage is achieved, quantum computers will be able to perform, in just a few seconds, tasks and problems that would take years on a traditional computer. A clear example of this can be found in the challenge proposed by Eriz Zárate (from Zarate Mateo Algorithmic Systems, a startup incubated at INNOLAB Bilbao) at the Bilbao Quantum Computing Hackathon: Financial data simulations with Boltzmann’s quantum machine. The presentation of a project related to this field awarded the Quantum Mads team the first prize in the Deep Quantum category

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