Bilbao Quantum Computing Hackathon: 24 hours of innovation and creativity

On December 9 and 10, the first Hackathon on Quantum Computing in the Basque Country was held at the Bilbao Miribilla Sports Palace with the help of the QUTIS Center of the UPV / EHU and IBM. A programming marathon in which more than 50 participants worked side by side for 24 hours to solve, with the help of Quantum Computing, challenges related to the creation and simulation of artificial life, finance, chemistry or games among others. The 11 multidisciplinary teams that were part of the Hackathon were made up of students and professionals from the Basque Country and other regions of Spain, the United States, Asia and Latin America. In addition, it had the advice and support of researchers and experts in Quantum Computing, communities and development teams from Qiskit.

Finally, the Quantum Mads team rose as the winner of the “Deep in Quantum” category for facing the challenge “Financial data simulations with Quantum Botlzmann Machine”.

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